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On December 27th, 2012 Carol Elizabeth Crowley
stopped living in this world and moved on to a new adventure.
Carol Elizabeth Crowley (1949-2012)

Her artistic works, including those which have yet to be posted online, will be posted at this site periodically over time. Her existing works are no longer available for sale. Anyone who wishes to contribute to a project in her memory, a fabric book for children, a tool for learning through imagination and imagery just as quilts do, may do so here:
Imagination and Learning: A Fabric Book
"It's not a dream, it's an eventual reality: Will you be part of it?"

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       Quilt·smith n.
  • quilt n. something that is quilted or resembles a quilt;
  • smith n. maker - often used in combination <tunesmith><wordsmith>
       Heir·loom n.
  • heir·loom n. a family possession handed down from generation to generation.
  • After some research, we have chosen to remove the quilt buzzword "heirloom" from this site.

    What in fact does "heirloom quality quilt" mean? Turns out, not much.
    What in fact does "heirloom quality quilt" mean? Turns out, not much. In the sense of quilts, heirloom quality can only mean "having the qualities of something passed down from generation to generation". While Carol has made quilts which have and are being passed down from generation to generation, the new quilts Carol creates (and the fabric Tara creates) are not made from previously loved textile treasures. In other words, an heirloom quilt is a quilt made from a family's beloved textiles: A wedding dress, baby's old clothes, or made from a grandmother's silk napkin collection. Carol's quilts are made from new materials and may, over much time, then be handed down to future generations. Carol's quilts are quality made; whether or not they become heirlooms is up to the families who have them.

Creating stitchery all her life with her natural talent, Carol's skills are obvious in her works. Her professionally crafted and artistic creations, from quilts to tatting, add a touch of elegance and warmth to any home decor.

       Made in Canada:
  • All quilts and stitchery on this site are made in Canada by Carol herself.
  • Quilt materials used are products made in Canada where reasonably possible. Whereas Canadian made materials are sought, select imported fabrics may also be used in some projects as long as quality and good business practices are present.
  • Some fabrics shown on this site are designed by eclectic artist Tara Crowley (Carol's daughter who shares her love of fabrics), and are manufactured through the USA fabric company Spoonflower; for a list of fabrics available to purchase please visit Quiltsmith Artist on Spoonflower.

  • Quilting is a professional seven stitches per inch.
  • Each quilt is subtly signed and dated by Carol.

Tied quilts, machine quilting, or machine embrodery are not available on this site. All Carol's quilts and stitchery are traditionally made by professional hand quilting, hand embroidery, hand tatting, etc.

       Quilt Maintenance:
  • Hand wash in cool or warm water. Allow to air dry and never place in a dryer.
  • Do not iron; do not press. If wrinkles appear (i.e. folded in storage) mist both sides with cool water and hang the quilt to air dry. Repeat if necessary until wrinkles are no longer visible. Allow the quilt to dry well.
  • Store quilts in acid-free containers or bags; re-fold periodically while in storage to avoid setting in stubborn creases. Do not store in cardboard or directly on wood as acids will leak onto the fabric causing yellowing, browning, and result in fabric deterioration.
  • A quality quilt combined with good care will result in a well maintained keepsake for generations. For more information, visit How to Care for Textiles and How to Care for Quilts from the Canadian Conservation Institute.

"Its not a business, its a a passionate obsession with creating art." - Carol Crowley

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